Aligning Intellectual Property Strategy with Business Strategy

At Phase M Legal, the approach to Intellectual Property (“IP”) Strategy is grounded in the uniqueness of the client’s business. It all begins with an understanding of the client’s overall Business Strategy. Focusing on consistency of objectives, the client’s overall Business Strategy, New Products Development Strategy and the R&D Strategy are
integrated with a tailored IP Strategy that is designed to minimize wasted resources, optimize IP assets, and achieve the most important business goals.

Phase M is committed to its clients and welcomes the opportunity to interact and get to know their business. The more that is known about your company, the more tailored the legal counsel can be to the specific realities of your strategy, people resources and goals.

Providing informed counsel is more than explaining the law. It includes exploratory identification of creative options and analysis of the relative value of those options, all articulated in the context of the client’s business realities, needs, wants, and desires.

Using business knowledge blended with deep legal experience, Phase M seeks to provide more insightful, proactive counsel.
Phase M Legal can help you fit the pieces together to deliver a strong, profitable and successful business. Intellectual Property Strategy is more than just managing patents and trademarks; it is about building the most valuable aspect of your business – the intangible assets – as a rewardingly integrated part of your whole business.

Strength in strategy brings innovation, and innovation brings growth. Let’s build your new IP Strategy together.