Welcome to Phase M Legal, a distinctive law firm specializing in intellectual property (IP) law and strategy. Phase M Legal is focused is on helping clients grow through the strategic use of global IP including technology collaborations, transactions, and licensing.

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Phase M Legal combines IP expertise with business insight to help clients develop a unified blueprint for long-term growth. By merging IP strategy with traditional institutional perspectives, Phase M Legal seeks to enhance and promote a company’s core business strategy. Phase M Legal helps clients build a coordinated plan for execution with a central framework for intellectual asset management that identifies and protects primary intangible assets, opens avenues for R&D to improve innovation and market competitiveness, and maximizes opportunities to commercialize new products for enhanced financial strength.


Phase M Legal is a California law firm with a global focus and international experience in issues of technology and business. Mark K. Dickson, principal, is a registered patent attorney who brings extensive legal experience and technology expertise to assist clients in understanding and navigating the dynamics of intellectual property asset management, including protection, valuation, rights assessment, and dispute resolution.


Phase M Legal works primarily in the “middle” phase of the intellectual property activity spectrum. The middle phase, falling between IP creation and IP enforcement, is about recognizing intangible asset value using IP through strategic portfolio development and management, and identifying and structuring IP transactions to help align IP strategy and global opportunities with a client’s overall business strategy and goals.


IP is a collection of intangible assets that can be valued and used like any other corporate asset as a strategic tool to advance business interests. It is a form of “currency” to be used in pursuit of the core company strategy to promote innovation and facilitate transactions between companies, or across industries, in creative ways. Like other corporate assets, IP needs to be managed as part of an overall business strategy to develop new business, new products, and new growth.


Mark K. Dickson, PhD, is a registered patent attorney focused on IP law. He has over thirty years of experience helping clients of all sizes navigate the IP landscape. He has represented corporations and individuals in litigation, as well as portfolio development, and licensing for a wide industry range. His background includes prosecution, patent analysis, risk assessment, and product clearance. His technical range includes chemical arts, instrumentation, semiconductor manufacturing, plant variety protection, among others.

Strength in IP strategy brings innovation, and innovation brings growth. Phase M Legal is dedicated to IP strategy that enables innovation and growth of its clients.