Intellectual Property Value MapS

  • Map Alternative Paths. Before investing valuable time, money and resources into any new product development or business opportunity, you need to evaluate the different alternative commercialization paths available and read the terrain likely to be encountered. Knowing the potential obstacles allows you to make better business decisions and prepares your business for the prioritization and resource allocations that will arise. The proliferation of IP assets across the globe has made it ever more important to analyze the IP landscape early in the process of evaluating new business or product opportunities. Identifying potential IP transactions that may be desired or required and seeing where opportunities exist for creating new IP value can mean the difference between commercial success and failure.
  • Visualize the Terrain. Our concept of value mapping begins with a firm definition of the client's business strategy. From this foundation, we can characterize existing internal and external IP assets, including the legal scope, the financial and competitive value, of any IP assets relevant to available business paths. We use deep expertise, sophisticated tools, and extensive databases to collect information relevant to IP value including market and technology trends, competitive intelligence, litigation filings, policy dynamics, and global transactional activites. We look beyond the typical law firm avenues of issued and pending patent and trademark rights to consider materials that provide context and practical insight for your business.
  • Look Over the Horizon. A snapshot of the terrain today does not always project accurately on the future. The intellectual property realities in emerging markets are changing rapidly and creative new business models for leveraging IP globally continue to evolve. What has worked in the past is almost certain to be disrupted in the future, so we help our clients map trajectories relevant to the many trends and uncertainties that impact technology commercialization. These efforts can be extremely valuable to your business.
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