Intellectual Property Opinion Services

  • Understanding the Realities of Litigation. Let's face it. Intellectual property litigation is complex, expensive and risky for both sides of a dispute. This translates into big billings for traditional law firms with a large number of attorneys specializing in IP litigation. The attractiveness of this kind of representation may also cause big law firms to decline written opinion work that could cause a conflict in representing the client in litigation.
  • Navigating Relevant IP. Navigating the often complex intellectual property landscape is a serious undertaking. It requires an accurate identification of relevant IP, along with an well informed analysis of the obstacles and opportunities available (see IP mapping). The path to pursuing your business strategy will eventually entail analysis of intellectual property issues in the form of counsel or legal opinions and Phase M, LLP can help. We offer IP services that help you make informed decisions relevant to the pursuit and deployment of new technologies and opportunities.
  • Our Emphasis is Litigation Avoidance. At phase M LLP, our goal is to help our clients explore all reasonable alternatives to offensive or defensive litigation: we are not a litigation firm. We have experienced litigators who use their experience to help clients properly evaluate the realities of litigation as one of many options in pursuing business objectives. If litigation is necessary, we use this experience to help our clients fashion an initial litigation strategy from the context of their IP and business strategy and then assist our clients in identifying and selecting the appropriate litigation counsel.
  • Providing Relevant Counsel. There are many forms of legal opinions concerning IP. Opinions on freedom to operate, clearance opinions, infringement opinions, validity opinions, valuations, the list goes on and on. Businesses need relevant IP advice, in a form that makes sense in relation to the business priorities and needs. We understand that need. Read more about IP Transactions, IP Mapping or IP Strategy.