Intellectual property Related Transactions

  • Creative Leverage. Intellectual property, like other forms of intangible assets, constitute a significant portion of the value in any enterprise. These assets form a type of currency that can be bought, sold, or otherwise leveraged to achieve business objectives. Offensive or defensive IP litigation is always an option in competitive markets, but today the cost and uncertainty associated with IP litigation make other forms of IP leverage increasingly attractive. Today, a more creative approach is required.
  • Transacting IP. In recent years, the concept of "monetizing" IP has become standard Boardroom conversation. This concept, generally defined as realizing new revenue through the sale or licensing of IP assets, is only one part of the overall power behind IP value creation. There is a more strategic, broader view that we take with our clients. It starts with your business overall strategy and follows with a well articulated IP strategy that supports it. We help our clients acquire, sell and license patents, brands and related know-how.
  • Dynamic Asset Management. Your business is changing, technology is changing, and your customers and markets are changing. With all this change, the way you view IP should change as well. The many kinds of IP transactions used today reflect how IP assets are part of the dynamic management of your business. We proactively work with our clients to bring new insight and experience to the dynamic management of the IP opportunities available to your bushiness.
Typical IP related Transactions:
  • Innovation Collaborations. With new product development efforts, collaboration with other organizations can provide accelerated time to market with reduced costs and lower risk. We help our clients identify potential technologies and partners, structure the relationships and proactively manage the IP rights created within the collaborative efforts.
  • Strengthening Supply Chain & Sales Channels. Intellectual property can be used to facilitate enhanced relationships with suppliers, provide access to new sales and distribution channels and to formulate new relationships and opportunities with a variety of partners, even competitors. We help our clients identify and facilitate these types of opportunities.
  • IP Licensing. We help our clients in-license, out-license and cross license IP assets around the globe, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, utility models, industrial designs, trade secrets and know-how.
  • IP Acquisitions. New markets are evolving to make IP more liquid. Using sophisticated multi-language search capabilities, we help our clients identify potential IP acquisition targets globally that strategically fit with business objectives and help negotiate and structure acquisitions of these IP assets.
  • IP Sales. Likewise, we help our clients evaluate their existing IP portfolio to identify IP assets that may bring more value through a sale or out-license, then help to identify potential buyers or licensees and negotiate, structure and close transactions.
At Phase M, LLP we help our clients grow through the strategic use of IP and the value created by it. In addition to the kinds of common transactions described above, we provide a variety of expertise tailored to the clients business and legal needs, including legal Opinion Services, IP mapping and IP strategy development.