Our Services Include:


Our focus: what we call the "Middle Phase" in IP.


At one end of the ip activity spectrum is the IP creation phase. Many law firms specialize in this area, preparing and filing patent, trademark and copyright applications. Although our firm has extensive experience in this area, this is not a significant part of our practice. We work with our clients to develop an IP creation and acquisition strategy that is aligned with their business strategy and dynamically designed in context of the relevant global technology, business and legal trends.
At the opposite end of the spectrum is the IP litigation phase. Although Phase M has deep experience in this area as well, our focus is helping our clients avoid expensive, protracted and risky litigation. We help our clients identify, structure and negotiate a wide range of transactions that support and propel their business strategy so that litigation becomes only one of many options available. When litigation cannot be avoided, our deep litigation expertise can help guide the deployment of resources strategically and efficiently so that the business goals come first, not those of litigation counsel.

The middle of the spectrum, the Middle Phase, is filled with value creating opportunity - almost everything relevant to identifying, valuing, leveraging, transacting and managing intellectual properties. Between IP creation and exercising IP rights in litigation, thus lies the real power and opportunity in intellectual property.


In the Middle Phase, IP opportunities can be dynamically crafted, shaped and bundled to meet changing business objectives. Global patents, utility models, brands and trademarks, copyrights, know-how and other intangible property rights can be acquired, sold-off, licensed, pooled, used to build or add value to supply chains, distribution channels, collaborations, joint ventures, spin-outs, new ventures and an endless variety of other value generating opportunities. Identifying and executing on these dynamic opportunities demands a nimble, creative and proactive approach to the Middle Phase. An approach that blends global business acumen and IP sophistication - the Phase M approach.